dance the night away

Last night we danced the night away at K(M)P and EP’s wedding. KP and EP looked great, and had a beautiful wedding and clearly only had eyes for each other. We had a great time but there was a 5 year old that had an even better time. The Killer’s Mr. Brightside was played especially for her and all pretenses were sent out the window. This little girl was having the time of her life and everyone in the room was in awe of her. She was incredible! Her exuberance had all of us standing and wishing that we could abandon all of our inhibitions and dance like she was dancing.
Running and activity update for the weekend:
Friday night’s soccer game was successful 3-0 win in the first game of the playoffs. Played lots and ran lots. Calves were a bit of a mess. My left calf was particularly bad, stripping me of an ability sprint. It cramps like a charlie horse and I don’t know what’s causing it.
On Saturday, we had plans to run before the wedding but were running around trying to find me a dress and get fitted for new running shoes. (Thanks KT for the inspiration of your shiney new kicks!) No run on Saturday but lots of dancing!
Today there was no run, just a lot of feeling like a tubby sloth thanks to overindulgence last night. The new shoes haven’t had their inagural run which is a bit sad. They are so pretty sitting in their box… I’m sure that they will look even better in motion. No activity for Sunday.

The schedule of days to expect runs from me:
Monday – fun run group at Runner’s Choice 6pm
Tuesday – optional
Wednesday – Wednesday night group at Runner’s Choice 6:30pm
Thursday – fun run group at Runner’s Choice 6pm
Friday – soccer/optional
Saturday – trail run group (various locations) 8:30am
Sunday – long run from home

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