run and weight loss challenge

yesterday at lunch I crammed in a run since I was a lazy, beer drinking bum on the weekend. I think I really dehydrated myself b/c I had a headache all afternoon yesterday. luckily I have a super awesome pretty new nalgene to make up for it!

run details
route: outskirts of eastbridge
distance: 5.46M
time: ~52mins
pace: 9:36/M
calories: 613
my original plan had been to get my 6 miler done that I skipped on the weekend in favour of camping, smores, beer, hotdogs and a wedding. bad idea. I even packed my running gear and had lots of beautiful trails to run on but nope. sat on my ass. l.a.z.y. so as punishment I decided to do 6M as fast as I could at lunch, estimating that it’d take me 1hr to do. if I’d finished, it would have been a pretty fast 6M for me. I was impressed with my ability to hang on during this run. it was pretty uncomfortable. the PF issues were ok, a little tight but not too bad. need to make another physio apt and get properly discharged for that. today my legs are sore but not painful. that good kind of sore :o) I was also an idiot for running at noon, during the hottest part of the day without any water.

weight loss challenge
I joined a weight loss challenge over at since last week my percentage of weight lost is: 1.19%. pretty sure that most of that was the result of dehydration. see comments above. also pretty sure I ate at least 2 pounds of mexican at lunch. it’s my achilles heel.

1/2 marathon training for this week:
M: scheduled – 35 min moderate; actual – 52 min hard
T: scheduled – 30-40 min XT; actual 60min volleyball
W: scheduled – 40 min easy; actual ?, 60min baseball >> this is the run I bailed on completely last week. keep me honest people!
R: scheduled – 30-40 min XT; actual ?
F: scheduled – 30 min easy; actual ? >> this is a new run this week.
S: scheduled – 5M easy; actual ?
S: scheduled – rest; actual – rest, I can commit to this one! ;o)

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