speed wobbles or fumbles, I’m not sure which

Yesterday I officially signed up for the Ottawa Marathon on 27 May. I’ve got two good friends that are also training for it, plus another friend who is training for Around the Bay. Between the three of them, @runnrgrl, my sister-in-law when she’s in town and various TV shows on my BlackBerry Playbook, I have no shortage of people to run with. Despite my support network, I’m still really worried about getting the training in. It’s not just about motivation anymore though. It would seem that 2012 is going to be the year of the injury.

We are on day 12 of  2012 and I’ve got one busted index finger and now a strained calf that will not settle down. It’s been tight/sore for about three and a half weeks, according to my training log. No particular traumatic injury to it, just a note “R calf tight, feels strained” in my log after a long run. Yesterday, over my lunch break, I did a 5.4km run and the calf is now very sore. As in, walking down a flight of stairs is better done leading with the left leg exclusively. No alternating because that just makes the calf hurt more. Maybe because I was so speedy (ha!) on my run yesterday I got the wobbles and made the injury worse? Or, more likely, it hasn’t really had a chance to heal and I’ve fumbled this injury.

So, I guess this means that I need to book many physio appointments in the near future. An 18 week training plan for Ottawa would have me starting next week. A 16 week plan would give me some more time to heal. That would also help me narrow down the training plan choices…

workout roundup:
5 Thursday – off? I think so, can’t actually remember and I don’t have my log with me.
6 Friday – off.
7 Saturday – off.
8 Sunday – off.
9 Monday – off.
10 Tuesday – 60mins volleyball, 50mins soccer
11 Wednesday – 30mins run
12Thursday – 50mins soccer scratch that, likely spin instead for the calf.
13 Friday – spin and strength or rest and strength
14 Saturday – ~8km in Eastbridge if the calf feels better.
15 Sunday – long run of about 14km if the calf is ok. If not, spin.

2 thoughts on “speed wobbles or fumbles, I’m not sure which

  1. Glad you are still going strong, but maybe a couple of days with your feet up might be better in the long term (are training that doesn't involve anything that is broken)


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