I really have to slow down

This weekend was a bit hectic. It started with a Friday night Oktoberfest adventure at Concordia with some of my favourite people:

(note: not all favourite people are pictured)

ME’s highschool friend, BMcN, lost his Oktoberfest virginity in fine style, winning at crossbow but losing to a girl at fastest pitch.

A special shout out to our gracious, lovely and beautiful designated driver: SR. Thank you so much for getting us home safe and sound!

After having too many several wobbly pops, Saturday morning, ME, KB and I hopped in the Land Yacht and scooted to Toronto for the BICYCLE FALL BLOWOUT SALE(1).  I have been jonesing to buy a new bicyclette and while I didn’t get my first choice, the 2010 Cervelo P2 w/ carbon frame, I did get a brand new 2011 Cervelo P1 with an aluminum frame!!!

Ginger, crammed in the back of the Land Yacht

I have named her Ginger. We have to go to Wheels of Bloor to get pedals and a fitting done but I’m pretty much over the moon! I want to ride so bad!

After that, ma petite soeur came to town and I showed her a good time (2) by 1. not really being all that exciting for night life (Chigaco Pub, 1/2 of Shaun of the Dead and early to bed) and 2. not really having much food in the house. Sorry LH. I’ll be better next time.

Sunday morning came bright and early and damn was it cold. ME, KB and I ran the Oktoberfest 5K (3). It was great fun and went by too quickly. I finished in 25:52 (26:26 gun time), good enough for 6/54 in my age group and 201/840 overall. Not the top 3 finish I was hoping for but still respectable. ME had a solid race and beat me and achieved his top 10 finish goal, placing 9/35 in his age group. Well done Babies!

Sunday afternoon involved napping and groceries and cooking.

That was my weekend. Freakin’ busy.

(1) capitalization is theirs, not mine. That btw, is the actual name of the show. No joke.
(2) I did, at least, have some spiced rum on hand for her. It’s the small wins…
(3) There was a lot of bitching and moaning but I did it. I can wear the shirt without shame.

2 thoughts on “I really have to slow down

  1. Wow, still sounds like an epic weekend. Sorry I couldn't be there for the support of the purchase, the festing, or slowing you down on the run. Congrats to you and me on your runs, very impressive considering the drinking.
    Hugs lesballs


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