saddle sores

In the words of Aerosmith: “I’m back! I’m back in the saddle again!” And boy does it hurt so good.

I’ve worked out everyday since Sunday (thank you KT, your let’s get back to basics week of pain has encouraged me to get out everyday) and I’m deliciously sore. The legs are tired, I can’t lift my arms over my head, it hurts to cough because I found my abdominal muscles last night and pummeled them, and I’m whipped. Love it.
Yesterday was the realization that TS is gone. She’s gone for the rest of the year and while I’m very excited to meet Baby G, I am sadface that my mentor and role model is out of the office… 
My BlackBerry Playbook tablet just arrived today! So happy she’s here! Pictures of my new baby to come.

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