My ass. It’s broken.

Thanks for nothing squats and lunges. I've got a pulled hammie and a sore knee, care of my broken assed hobble during my run last night. Oh, and, while the yelps have passed, it still hurts to climb stairs. I would've easily been caught if chased last night.

Completed 6.67km in 40-something mins.

To comfort myself tonight, I baked cookies but ate so much batter I have a tummy ache.

I'll be in the corner, pouting… With a sore bum.

2 thoughts on “My ass. It’s broken.

  1. I'm coming back from a hamstring injury myself. These kind of injuries are a pain in the…uh neck πŸ™‚

    My only suggestions is maybe resting the injury completely rather than pushing through the pain.

    Hang in there, you'll be back to your badass running self soon!!!


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