Workout in but no run

I'm in Toronto this week for a conference.

Gotta get the workouts in right? Right. Crucially I made the poor decision not to pack outdoor running gear. Why would I do such a silly thing? Well, my hotel has a gym. Perfect! Alarm goes at 6:30 this morning and off I go to the Fitness Centre!

Fitness Centre: It's an rinky dinky after thought, tucked way at the back of the building, next to service elevators and un-hotel-carpeted space. Hotel carpets are a psychedelic trip. Every single one of them. Where do they find these things?! Anyway, I made the safari trek through the labyrinth of halls to the “Fitness Centre”.   I opened the door and there is a small room, no windows, dim lights and five cardio machines. And a line up.

It feels like minus five degrees Celsius outside. Remember that crucially poor decision to not pack outdoor running gear?  Sh*t.

Alright, I'm a smart girl. I've got the power of the internet in a little plastic box in my hand. Surely I can still figure out how to break a sweat today. Check, check and check! 100 jumping jacks, 75 squats, 50 walking lunges, 50 mountain climbers, 10 pushups, a weak sauce 30 second plank and 20minutes later, I'm sweaty and jelly-legged. Add in my 10minute walk this morning and again home tonight, that's 40minutes of exercise. Hopefully there won't be a line-up at the Fitness Centre(!) tonight.

Yesterday, I didn't get a workout in but I did mess up Google and went on a wild goose chase, correction – lengthy walk – to go for din din and bevvies with @bigbrnz @Wardy_ and @keilhammer. I definitely ploughed through 2 pints, 1/3rd of a bottle of wine, and STEAK. Sooooo good. Even better company. It was also a very motivational evening, with a “I'm gonna workout tomorrow, you'd better get your ass out of bed and workout too” flavour to it. So I did. Despite roadblocks.

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