the continuation of iRUN blog idol and other good stuff

Vicky and Grant got in touch with me to do an interview with them for their continued blog idol efforts! check out the interview here:

hoodieruns is backing Vicky and Grant in their bid to become Canada’s premier running blog! go Vicky and Grant!!

found another funny blog thanks to the wonders of twitter: Maine Runner there’s a very funny story about a vengeful spruce grouse.

and on the twitter note: hoodieruns is on twitter! I’ll try and figure out how to put a feed on the blog for the hoodieruns twitter updates.

had a fabulous weekend – played 18 at a beautiful course in MacTier – Rocky Crest GC. absolutely stunning! stayed up there at the resort Saturday and golfed Sunday. raining Saturday was spent with B and S R, imbibing (a lot) and eating (a lot). so much fun! and now I can’t say ME doesn’t take me golfing :o)

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