Reading prompt #23: A book with a red spine

OK, so full disclosure, I read George Orwell’s 1984 as an ebook.  I’m about 38.7% positive the copy I read in highschool had a red spine so I’m rolling with it. 

My memories of this book from highschool were imperfect, to say the least. I remember 1984 as being more engaging and exciting. Instead I found Winston miserable and spineless. He wasn’t a whole character until he was broken by O’Brien. He needed Party doctrine to complete his personality, to give him a true purpose.  His weak insurgency, in the form of adultery, made me roll my eyes. Winston is a cliché. 

I remembered this book as hugely powerful, expanding my horizons. Maybe I’m getting more stupid, phone in hand, the internet at my fingertips.

Number of books completed: 8/52.

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