Reading prompt #4: An audiobook

Of course there would have to be some Neil Gaiman in my reading challenge. 

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman, was fun, as only Neil Gaiman can be. This particular audiobook was read by the author himself, making the recording actually bearable. I’ve discovered I generally hate audiobooks because the orator adds annoying inflections or vocal ticks that distract me. This edition though, was so good. Hearing what the author intended people to sound like is so awesome. From now on, I’m only listening to audiobooks read by their author.

This genre, fantasy, isn’t my favourite but every now and again I dabble and usually have a great experience. This was no different. London Below was full of interesting characters and provided a foreboding setting for Richard and Door’s quest. I enjoyed this tale, especially the way London landmarks and tube stations were woven into the narrative. So good.

If you have to do an audiobook, do this one, as read by Neil Gaiman.

Number of books completed: 9/52

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