Periodization without really trying

I was looking over my training stats tonight, after feeling guilty about not running for four days this week. Turns out I did three weeks of building kms and naturally dropped my running this week by about half.  

The last three weeks have been 19-24km/week and this week was 10km. Tonight’s run, I was feeling every bit of the 75km I’ve done between 26 March and 22 April. I’m good with what I have gotten done but, if I feel okay tomorrow, I might squeeze in another 4-6km.

Tonight, I knocked out 5km on sore tired legs and I’m proud of that. This morning, an endurance athlete said to me that I should train on tired, end of the day legs when I’m already exhausted. That will help mentally prepare me for ultra distances. Well big check mark for me there. I’m dead tired and my legs are feeling achytiredsore.

Time for bed. Hoodieruns needs to get some sleep.

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