SWOD, WOD, CWOD and Tuesday whinging

18 March class summary.

S(trength) WOD:
Strict Press
Here’s how my presses went down:
5 – 55
5 – Failed, completed 3 reps at 65
5 – 60
5 – 65
5 – Failed, completed 2 reps at 70

5 Rounds for time
3 Deadlifts; 205lbs – I did 155lbs (still more than my body weight!)
10 Lateral Over Bar Burpees

My time was 7:16.
I’m happy with this outcome despite having really thought that I could totally deadlift 205lbs. Given I can fireman carry my husband, I thought a few more (~30) lbs wouldn’t be a big deal. Then I actually tried to deadlift 185lbs from the ground and realized that it’s a very different movement. One interesting observation I had about the deadlift to burpee transition was that I felt so good after finishing each set of deadlifts and my legs felt super energized. That feeling quickly went away though, don’t worry. In fact it really only lasted about two or three burpees each round. However, each time I felt so good. Is there such a thing as a lifting-heavy-things high? You know, a CrossFit sibling to a runner’s high?

After CrossFit I did a cooking WOD since @Ed_Markwards had supper ready for me! An awesome meal of chicken breast in Schezwan  sauce and corn on the cob was inhaled in about six minutes flat. I know… not Paleo friendly. It was delicious though!

C(ooking) WOD was comprised of:
breakfast sausages
“Moroccan Meatballs” from the Well Fed cookbook
“Moroccan Dipping Sauce” also from the Well Fed cookbook
Avocado, tomato and cucumber salad

Done in about an hour, including clean up of the kitchen, some TV watching and standing in front of the fridge saying “Sh_t. ME! Can you please add [a random assortment of ingredients that are kind of essential to almost EVERY RECIPE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD] to your shopping list?”

The salad was brought for lunch today and drizzled with the Moroccan Dipping sauce and it was scrumptious. I think I’ll have it again tomorrow.

Now for my Tuesday whinging.
I have an hour and twenty minutes blocked in my calendar every Tuesday to go for a run over lunch. It’s been a standing recurrence since… I don’t know… September? Anyway, I have actually used that time to run (or workout, I’m not really that picky) exactly twice.  Perhaps it’s time I realize I’m never going to use it for it’s intended purpose and free up the time. But I’m not quite there yet. Someone want to follow up with me next Tuesday and remind me to quit my b_tching?

I think I’ll just run it off

Last night after the day of the fat finger, I thought I might maybe take a day off. That worked until the movie, Two Weeks Notice, ended and my distraction tactic disappeared. Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock did a great job of keeping me distracted but unfortunately, the movie isn’t all that long. Coinciding with the end of the movie was Albert the cat’s disappearance from my lap to one of her many snooze locations. Suddenly both my legs and mind are free and since ME was out at hockey my thoughts immediately turned to “I want ketchup chips.”

“Wait. That’s a bad idea there Porkchop. You overindulged all holiday season. It’s time to lay off the chips a bit.”

“Good point Self. I should go for a run.”

“Yes you should…Porkchop.” My inner Self, such an asshat.

Forty minutes later I’d done an easy 5.6K at 1% incline on the hamster wheel with plenty of warm up and cool down to encourage the tight calf to relax. This morning the calf is only slightly tight. A good improvement. During the run, the finger ballooned up but was soon sorted with some Advil. Apparently I can’t just run this one off.

Keep your fingers crossed for me as I wait for the follow up call from my doctor, because I certainly can’t.

4 Jan – ran 40mins, 5.6KM, 1% incline.

marathon pics (almost a month late…)

well here they are, only a month late! here are a few of my favourite pictures documenting the successful completion of one of my new years resolutions: complete a full marathon before I turn 25. (so far the only one I’ve finished… more on that another time)

this is me… putting along. headphones are in so this is in the last third of the race.

this is my running buddy that got me through some of the worst parts of the race. J-A R thank you!!!

this lady was hilarious and she ran Boston the week before…

see what I mean?! that’s her, crossing the finish line in the pink skirt on the bottom right.

this is me about to finish! not much spring left in my step but hey, I’ve got a big smile on my face! :0)

after the finish… my awesome friends and family!

that may or may not be a ‘brown pop’ in my hand…

Around the Bay – 30km!

hell’s yes baby! you have no idea how excited I am about this post! :o)

Around the Bay 30K road race in Hamilton
distance: 30km
time: 3:16:05 (chip)
pace: 6:40/km
place: 3614/4924
category placing: 74/102
gender placing: 1457/2299
splits: 10km 1:07:45; 15km 1:40:59; 20km 2:13:01
bib: 3794

notes: oh my god I am pumped about this run! this is the furthest I’ve to date and it was my very first euphoric runner’s high moment! I literally almost kissed the woman in the chute telling me “Slow down hun, are you ok? Good job! You finished!” it was like I was floating I was so giddy! I get a runners high from regular runs where I feel really good after the run but this was much more euphoric. ME and I both pushed hard in the last km but he clearly could have kicked my ass. instead he beat me on gun time but I beat him on chip time. I am so happy la la lala!

first 10K – felt really good; caught a bunch of relay people that went out too fast. had a gel (powerade chocolate) some water and gatorade. stomach felt a bit bloated after that so I tried to drink more water than gatorade after that but the water cups never seemed to be as full as the gatorade cups. raining. soaked most of the way through. saw a guy dressed as a rocket run by me. too funny.

second 10K – felt good through to the about the 17K mark, after that my legs but mostly my feet were starting to get sore, esp. on downhills. there was a really funny quote on the 18K marker – something like “The pain reaches a point and doesn’t get any worse. You might as well run like hell and get it over with.” it was fitting for my mindset for the race although, as you can see from my time, I was nowhere near running like hell. was eating sport beans (fruit punch flavour) and more water and gatorade.

last 10K – feet were really killing now as there were 2 really long downhills. there were three long climbs as well but those were easy in comparison to the downhills. saw superman, the grim reaper and mini-grim reaper. somewhere in the first few kms of this third of the race I had my last gel (caffeinated chocolate flavour). the last km ME and I picked it up a lot. haven’t checked garmy yet but it felt like a really quick km. we ran down the ramp and into Copps Coliseum and I shouted to ME to go but he tossed a “No! C’mon!” over his shoulder and we sprinted the last 20m down the finish chute, streaking past other runners. can’t wait for the pictures b/c I had the most ridiculous grin on my face!

I’ll post a picture of me in my around the bay shirt and finishers medal and links to the race pics as soon as they are available.

so considering that I hadn’t run for 2.5 weeks prior because of this cold, I’m pretty impressed with myself. good on you hoodie!

26 days to marathon