30K Around The Bay

ME is still planning to do Boston in 3 weeks. Longest training run to date: 30K Around The Bay

race: 30KM (Around The Bay, Hamilton)
time: 3:23:33
pace: 6:57/km
place in age group: 240/315
notes: ME wanted to take it easy and treat this as a training run. and there was an eight (8!) minute potty break about 20 mins into the race. so we definitely took it easy… very laissez faire. ME also started to struggle with lower leg pain at about 12km. definitely related to shoes. he has big feet so selection is limited for him and finding a good pair hasn’t been easy. as for me, I felt like a million dollars. I think I definitely would have beat last year’s time (3:16:05) had we been racing. my left knee started acting up at 8km though and is still feeling yucky. I’ve got a physio apt tomorrow (today I guess w/ autopost). finished the race with a mad dash to the line. sneaky ME tried to get away from me but I’m a competitive little bugger and wouldn’t let that happen. the finish line announcer said “holy cow!” about my finishing kick. boo. ya.

other news:
Fighting Koalas – Waterloo – I’m planning on joining. typically I do very well under a coach and that accountability will definitely help my fitness. can’t wait to hear back from them!

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