SWOD, WOD, CWOD and Tuesday whinging

18 March class summary.

S(trength) WOD:
Strict Press
Here’s how my presses went down:
5 – 55
5 – Failed, completed 3 reps at 65
5 – 60
5 – 65
5 – Failed, completed 2 reps at 70

5 Rounds for time
3 Deadlifts; 205lbs – I did 155lbs (still more than my body weight!)
10 Lateral Over Bar Burpees

My time was 7:16.
I’m happy with this outcome despite having really thought that I could totally deadlift 205lbs. Given I can fireman carry my husband, I thought a few more (~30) lbs wouldn’t be a big deal. Then I actually tried to deadlift 185lbs from the ground and realized that it’s a very different movement. One interesting observation I had about the deadlift to burpee transition was that I felt so good after finishing each set of deadlifts and my legs felt super energized. That feeling quickly went away though, don’t worry. In fact it really only lasted about two or three burpees each round. However, each time I felt so good. Is there such a thing as a lifting-heavy-things high? You know, a CrossFit sibling to a runner’s high?

After CrossFit I did a cooking WOD since @Ed_Markwards had supper ready for me! An awesome meal of chicken breast in Schezwan  sauce and corn on the cob was inhaled in about six minutes flat. I know… not Paleo friendly. It was delicious though!

C(ooking) WOD was comprised of:
breakfast sausages
“Moroccan Meatballs” from the Well Fed cookbook
“Moroccan Dipping Sauce” also from the Well Fed cookbook
Avocado, tomato and cucumber salad

Done in about an hour, including clean up of the kitchen, some TV watching and standing in front of the fridge saying “Sh_t. ME! Can you please add [a random assortment of ingredients that are kind of essential to almost EVERY RECIPE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD] to your shopping list?”

The salad was brought for lunch today and drizzled with the Moroccan Dipping sauce and it was scrumptious. I think I’ll have it again tomorrow.

Now for my Tuesday whinging.
I have an hour and twenty minutes blocked in my calendar every Tuesday to go for a run over lunch. It’s been a standing recurrence since… I don’t know… September? Anyway, I have actually used that time to run (or workout, I’m not really that picky) exactly twice.  Perhaps it’s time I realize I’m never going to use it for it’s intended purpose and free up the time. But I’m not quite there yet. Someone want to follow up with me next Tuesday and remind me to quit my b_tching?

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