I think I’ll just run it off

Last night after the day of the fat finger, I thought I might maybe take a day off. That worked until the movie, Two Weeks Notice, ended and my distraction tactic disappeared. Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock did a great job of keeping me distracted but unfortunately, the movie isn’t all that long. Coinciding with the end of the movie was Albert the cat’s disappearance from my lap to one of her many snooze locations. Suddenly both my legs and mind are free and since ME was out at hockey my thoughts immediately turned to “I want ketchup chips.”

“Wait. That’s a bad idea there Porkchop. You overindulged all holiday season. It’s time to lay off the chips a bit.”

“Good point Self. I should go for a run.”

“Yes you should…Porkchop.” My inner Self, such an asshat.

Forty minutes later I’d done an easy 5.6K at 1% incline on the hamster wheel with plenty of warm up and cool down to encourage the tight calf to relax. This morning the calf is only slightly tight. A good improvement. During the run, the finger ballooned up but was soon sorted with some Advil. Apparently I can’t just run this one off.

Keep your fingers crossed for me as I wait for the follow up call from my doctor, because I certainly can’t.

4 Jan – ran 40mins, 5.6KM, 1% incline.

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