making the cut and race planning

So I’ve been doing the Jillian Michael’s Making the Cut workouts and am now at day 8. My muscles are sore but I’m noticing significant differences in my energy levels, moods, and clothing. It’s certainly hard work but the pay offs are keeping me motivated. The girls in the Wellbeing Logbook Challenge are helping too!

Here’s the running/gym visits updates:
22 Oct – JM day 4 work out (50 mins at gym)
23 Oct – 4.61 m run around Eastbridge in 44 mins (400+ cal burned)
24 Oct – JM day 5 work out (50 mins at gym); body felt like a noodle all weekend b/c of it!
25 Oct – rest day and ate too much
26 Oct – 40 mins of ice hockey in the am, 5m run in the afternoon (607 cal)
27 Oct – ate too much and played 50 mins soccer
28 Oct – JM day 8 work out (40 mins at gym), a quick 3 miler planned for tonight before volleyball

I’m tired, as in not getting enough sleep. Last night it was 11:30 before I was in bed and anywhere near sleep and then up for the day around 6:15am. I can’t function on 7 hours. I’m getting better at it though but it makes for a grumpy LH in the mornings!

How do I get into bed earlier without feeling guilty??

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