holy smokes! have i got updates!

Running and workout updates…
Tues 21 Oct – strength training. Jillian Michael’s day 2 work out. Back and core protesting all day! No cardio. Am dead tired today. Hit a wall a 4:30pm though. Eating wasn’t too bad today.

Mon 20 Oct – strength training. Did Jillian Michael’s day 1 work out again. Was easier the second time. Played soccer at Bechtel Park in a 50min game. Felt pretty strong, legs only mildly complaining at start of game then I was warmed up.

Sun 19 Oct – Oktoberfest Run 5KM – ran 24:52 and PLACED 4/49 IN MY AGE GROUP!!! I felt great!! ME placed 9th in his age group too! :o) Go us!! Only downside: L knee sore again, like it was spasming after the race.

Fri 17 Oct – strength training day. Did Jillian Michael’s day 1 workout. Was an kick in the tush!

Thurs 16 Oct – Eastbridge, short. Ran 3.2m in 28:13 (8:49/mi); 377 cal. Prep for Oktoberfest run. Ate an apple in late afternoon and was full of stitches on this run just to the right of my sternum. Solo. Was starving at the end.

Wed 15 Oct – stood outside in little green heels for 3 hours. Lazy walk about 1km.

Tues 14 Oct – Eastbridge neighbourhood. Ran 3.99m in 40:29 (10:09/m); 478 cal. Left knee tweaked/spasmed in driveway at end of run. Ran in my new Nikes. My mood was a -1 before the run and was a +3 afterwards. Got dark really quickly… days are going too fast.

Mon 13 Oct – biked around Kwianis Park neighbourhood and saw B&S R’s place. Biked 11.05m, 1:05:03. Leisurely pace (10.2m/h). Burned 855cal! ME led me all around and we had a great time. So great to spend quality time w/ him like that.

Ongoing: we, a group from work, are doing the Wellbeing Logbook Challenge. We are in day 6. I enjoy reading the other girls’ comments from the day previous to see their triumphs and interesting takes on challenges they face. I am feeling pretty good about how accountable I’ve been, keeping track of my caloric intake, exercise, water, mood and sometimes sleep. There as a been a dramatic improvement in my overall energy, spirit, and doubleplus bonus: the scale! I said it in the motivation email today and I say it again: thank you ladies!

Right now I’m sitting on the couch with a sleeping ME and Allie Cat watching The Biggest Loser Families. Not going to be a liar… there’s been a few tears. Such a good episode!
Domestic Goddess accomplishments for the night – made soup from our turkey stock and made oatmeal and raisin squares. Dead tired but feeling pretty good about myself.

Dearest MB – I will write tomorrow, I haven’t forgotten about you. Can’t wait to hear about Victoria.
CT – Girl it was great to hear from you! You sound like you have some serious s**t togetherness and congratulations on the 5KM accomplishment. There’s nothing like crossing the finish line eh?!

off to ice this knee and relax.

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