still no runs

WTF knee? seriously. I played soccer last night. 50 mins (all 50 mins since we didn’t have any female subs) and the knee feels great. no pain killers, no ice. all good. today I’m sitting in my chair at work and go to sit on my left foot b/c it’s cold (not ergonomical I know) and the knee is stiff. not hurting but where was this this morning going down the stairs? can I run on it or not? is it just faking the not hurting? sigh. I’m frustrated. I think I’ll run at the gym tonight and see how it goes.

been reading lots of running blogs lately (over lunch) and I’m feeling pretty motivated. mawh I wanna run so bad. see the blogs I follow to the right to bask in their motivating glory.

sent MC the wikipedia link for the Beer Mile. gotta do this. asap possible as they say around here.

today’s goal: get into bed early. 9:30-10pm no later.

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