so sick and no runs. i’m miserable.

Today my fever broke (yipee!) and I haven’t taken any cold/flu meds in 5+ hours. I will be taking some tonight to get a good night’s sleep in but overall I’m feeling about 65%. Better than Tuesday night’s 13%. So, considering my 52% improvement, I thought maybe I would be ok for a run. Rather than put myself through a relapse, I decided to do some research. I read some
Where Does It Hurt? care of Runner’s World because I remembered something about a neck up rule. Turns out that I should wait one more day before running again. Even then I think it’s in my best interests to run inside. Damn it. I hate having to be patient. I really need to be running!

The knee continues to cause issues. I think it’s IT band inflammation but LM among others have said I should suck it up and get the doctor to send me to physio to be on the safe side. This is really making me want a trainer for my bike so that I can at least get some cardio in and not cause further damage to the knee. I’m looking at the CycleOps Mag+ Trainer as an option. **cough cough Christmas idea cough**

Speaking of Christmas ideas… I really like the giraffe ones…


Off to bed.

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