pain free run!!!

hamster wheel 4 miler – no pain folks!

wednesday night after work I ran 4miles with a normal feeling knee! how great is that?! admittedly it was a bit slow (40:20) but I walked for the first .25 of a mile and the last .25 of a mile. ran the first mile at 8:20ish pace and the 2nd and 3rd between 9:40 and 10:10/mile. not too shabby considering how little I’ve been able to run as of late.

yesterday I got an arms and abs workout in before work. it really helped me stay alert during the day but didn’t save me from making some bad decisions in order to stave off some really bad decisions. wait… maybe it did sort of save me… anyways, I feel asleep on the couch for 2.5 hours last night and slept another 7 in bed as well. it’s a sign: I don’t sleep enough.

need to get another 3M in tonight, after work before my date with ME! :o)

this weekend has Christmas shopping and a 7 miler on the schedule.

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