Christmas break

Happy Christmas and Merry New Years to you and yours.
hanging out at ME’s parent’s place. I’m exhausted and was puttering along at some work stuff but have given up in favour of 3 glasses of wine.
Christmas brings such a mixture of emotions. we went and visited ME’s old neighbour who is quite elderly. seeing her circumstances and helping yet another elderly lady up off the floor (great-grandma H had a tumble on sunday night at grandma M’s) at the nursing home has got me thinking. in addition there was a snowmobile fatality up here and the fellow killed has a young family. then there are people like us, home with their families everyone is safe and sound and having a merry Christmas. it’s difficult to resolve the polarities of everyone’s situation but makes me grateful for another happy and healthy year.
as for the running – we missed a 3M and our long run of 8M on the weekend b/c of the nasty snow recently. -17oC is no cake walk so we decided to stay inside. since I’ve managed to put away 3 glasses of wine already today (lil sis, you know what I’m saying here) I don’t know whether we’ll get out for a run today or now. plus ME is out at the liquor store with the other boys.
looking forward to ME’s one Christmas present. should be a great experience for both of us.
missing Mom, Dad and lil sis. can’t wait to see you guys.

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