Christmas break runs

22-26 December – no running just being lazy, holding down the couch.

27 Dec – distance: 3.75M; time: unknown, likely around 35mins; weather: balmy 10 degrees, very windy. accompanied by little LH and ME.

28 Dec – distance: run with JS; distance: approx 4.3M; time: 40:05; weather: crazy windy, 90km/h gusts 6 degrees. was a freaking great run! So much fun to run with JS, he’s much faster than us! we meandered through Goderich, across the bluffs, down the bluffs, along the beach, went up the stairs onto North St and then back to his place. stairs knocked me out, almost lost my breakfast. got home and was thoroughly chilled. had a hot shower and greasy (bacon and eggs) breakfast. suffered through nasty upset stomach later that evening. I”m sure the multitude of sweets I ate throughout the day didn’t help.
1 Jan – distance: 5K; time: 25:36; weather: -8 degrees. Resolution Run from the Kitchener YMCA. fun little race and got a nifty new jacket. was disappointed that I didn’t get a PR but there were rumours that the race was slightly longer than 5K and I must take into account that the course was icy/snowy in sections. ML ran with us and did very well, finishing only about a minute behind us. for the record: ME beat me.

2 Jan – distance: 4.22M; time: 41:38; pace: 9:52/M; calories: 508; weather: -8 plus a bit of a wind chill. my notes say “miserable. was tired before. snowy.”

3 Jan – distance: 10.01M; time: 1:40:17; pace: 10:01/M; calories: 1144; weather: -5ish; comfortable, last mile was dragging. heavy legs. ate 1/2 Powerade Double Latte gel which was really yummy. feet were sore afterwards where bump in my shoes next to the balls of my feet hit. L knee felt 95%. ate 1/3 of a cup of oatmeal with apple for breakfast. was ok in stomach.

5 Jan – distance: 6.01M; time: 56:45; pace: 9:27/M; calories: 679; weather: -8 degrees. was too cold, didn’t have enough layers on, especially on my bum! felt great, pushed the pace a bit. ME had tight ankles. L knee 98% only minor tweaking. X-training: arms and core at gym, 50mins indoor soccer. paid for this later in the week, was really tired all week long.

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