fresh organic fruit and veg delivery!

coolest thing ever!!
I think ME and I might have to partake and get the Loft Bag. I’m worried that we won’t be able to make use of it all though. it’d be great to have my veggie horizon expanded though. has anyone else done something like this? any success or problems?

2 thoughts on “fresh organic fruit and veg delivery!

  1. Hoodie,

    For the last couple of years I joined weekly distributions from a local farm.

    It was great. The prices were cheaper than buying organic veggies from say Loblaws although more expensive than regular veggies.

    It gave an interesting mix of things which I wouldn’t ordinarily cook with which is good.

    You can also think of it as like charitable giving in a way because you are helping the local economy and also the environment.

    I highly recommend it (if you find the right farm for you).



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