weekend of christmas cheer and a sore ass

this weekend was a good one. we got some more shopping done. I’m getting closer to being finished. then comes the wrapping hell. it wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t so anal. my inner Martha Stewart (you know you’re a runner when you start typing Martha’s name “Marath…”) comes out and there have to be bows and ribbons and other stuff for Miss Kitty to destroy and rip off. I need to audit but I think I’ve only got one more item for Dad H and one more for little LH, one more for little LH’s hubby, and ME’s cousin and my work secret santa left to do. not too shabby given what was on my list. oh and AE… she hasn’t submitted her list yet. naughty naughty. Santa is watching.

activities and exercise:
saturday – trail run with HE
distance: ~7M
time: ~70 mins
pace: ~10:00/M
calories: ~700
notes: oh. my. g. my ass was so sore. friday’s Jillian Michael’s workout shredded my butt so much that stairs are still painful 3 days later. I love it! I wanted to get 10M in for my long run but my body was just wiped and HE was play my conscience for me which was a good thing since mine was all “I’m so tired. can’t think or talk right now. figure it out yourself.” which is probably conscience code for “stop right now. you’re about to pass out.” plus I was busy wasting energy on imagining the hills as mountains, which is why I probably could have crawled up them faster. sorry HE, I was definitely slowing you down on saturday! that afternoon I ate my face off and had 2 beers. so that wiped out any benefits from that run. I’ve got the willpower of my cat around a treat when faced with trays of Great Grandma’s fudge and . I start drooling and freaking out until I eat and eat lots. so food on saturday wasn’t so good. also had date night on saturday night and I ate a ton of buttery popcorn and coke.

sunday – hockey
time: 60mins
notes: forgot to wear my headband under my helmet and sweat was running into my eyes. that’s a good thing b/c I was actually skating hard enough to get sweaty! need to take power skate something fierce. I suck on blades. bad. and I hate sucking at a sport. ate well in the morning and then it fell apart in the afternoon. I was supposed to go to the gym right after hockey with KT but it got delayed and ME and I had planned to shop in the afternoon so I had to bail on the gym. my ass hurt all day especially going up stairs and getting in and out of the car. I didn’t eat lunch until around 2pm and then I ate an A&W Momma Burger, rootbeer and fries. and then more popcorn. ME and I bought 2 bags of Kernels popcorn in creamy caramel and double butter. dammit. I was stuffing my face before we even left the mall. and then we had dinner with 3/4 of the E clan at LN’s house. where I ate too much and had 2 glasses of wine. and then later I ate more popcorn. 1/2 a bag in a day.

monday – run with HE
distance: 4.76M
time: 46mins
pace: ~9:44/M
calories: 460
notes: dehydrated. almost threw up. wasn’t feeling it this morning. really glad I got a run in though. no pain from injuries issues. was dressed appropriately for the 0 degree weather. overall it shouldn’t have sucked but it did b/c I’m an idiot and didn’t hydrate. internet high five to HE who has run for three straight days which is a record for her. food is going well today though! I’ve had a medium coffee made with love, a bagel with peanut butter, a baked chicken breast with broccoli and cauliflower, and I’m about to start on a spinach salad with balsamic vinegar for dressing and fresh veggies for snack.

and my ass still hurts. although somewhat less.

One thought on “weekend of christmas cheer and a sore ass

  1. Great Jillian workout, since your butt was hurting. lol. I HATE wrapping presents. Well, im a guy too, so I just assume just giving them whatever it is. lol. Hey, good post read. Keep it up Hoodie. have a good one and happy present wrapping. Oh, i loved the marath thingy with Martha's name


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