Two runs and a hawk

I’ve done two whole runs this week! No CrossFit classes yet but planning to get there a couple time yet this week. 
Run details:
Monday morning 5.5km in 28 minutes in my Merrell Barefoot Pace Gloves. I love those shoes! They give me fleet feet.
Wednesday morning 6.6km in 37 minutes in regular shoes. I felt slow and out of shape this morning and the pace reflected that.
Last night before I left work, this happened:

Crazy right?!

The RIM12 Hawk is a BAMF. He just don’t care. From watching him, I learned that in order to take flight with a heavy load of squirrel in your talons, you must strip fur off the carcass to reduce drag. I wish I’d caught him stomping around the base of the tree, dragging the squirrel like it was stuck to his peg leg.

No yelling at me if this is actually a female hawk. I’m still calling him a him. Have you met me btw? I have a female cat with a boy’s name…

Food and 2012 Roll up the rim count #3

3 coffees : 0 wins

This is really cool and beautiful. I need to get better a food in general but this is awesome and so energy efficient.

My google reader was a gold mine this morning!

Ran a slow 8K this morning. Crappy part: lost an earring back (thankfully not the whole earring, a gift from my dad). Good part: got to hop a creek like an eight year old AND I got to check out some potential house options.

hard decision

I came to a hard decision yesterday but one that ultimately, will be a good decision…
as you can likely tell from the blog, marathon training has been almost non-existent. ME is running Boston in 5.5wks and I was planning to run the Ottawa Marathon at the end of May. my longest run to date was the Chilly Half Marathon (race report coming) a week ago Sunday. we are both signed up for Around The Bay in 2wks. that will be the longest run I’ve done this year. given that I want to run a couple marathons this year and run them well, Ottawa wasn’t feeling good. I’ll be signing up for the half in Ottawa and I won’t be worrying about staying off my feet at the Gleeb Garage Sale or the long drive or sleeping arrangements. it’s for the best.

lessons learned from this:
1. don’t be such a hero and sign up for a freakin’ clinic
2. consistency is key
3. I’m inconsistent
4. I’m better at life when I’m running regularly.

upcoming races:
Around The Bay – 28 Mar
Ottawa Half Marathon – 30 May
10K Classic – 20 Jun

in positive ‘getting consistent’ running news: HE and I ran this morning. (woo hoo March Break!)
distance 6.18km time 33:30 pace 5:50min/km calories 330 felt good after loosening up at hot yoga last night. left ankle was sore, like a bruise. felt good to get up and get going nice and early!

new look and a run! (gasp!)

tinkered with my template today to move towards something more minimalist. you know… the way I need to move with my closet… :o) let me know if any fonts/colours make it too hard to read. I appreciate your feedback.

after last night’s rough go with a busy head that wouldn’t shut up, the cat, Miss Allie Cat, woke me up at 5:40am. I thought about staying in bed but then realized I need to hard reset myself. rather than changing my alarm to somewhere in the neighbourhood of 7:30am, I got up, dressed and went downstairs… running shoes in hand. me, the treadmill and Olympic Morning cranked out 6.44kms. boo. ya. and I did it hilly too. by the last 10mins I was feeling vaguely lightheaded (no breakfast) and nauseated (gulping water) but finished without incident.
time: 45min
distance: 6.44km
pace: 6:59/km (so slow…)
calories: ~450
avg grade: ~5%
hopefully this gets me reset and better adjusted to eastern standard time. I want to carry this momentum, found at the Olympics, forward this year and really kick some ass at Ottawa. athletes at the Olympics aren’t necessarily paid to do their sport yet they make the time to excel. I can make time.

Christmas tree update

we’ve been puttering away at decorating for christmas. it seems like everytime I turn around another box of decorations appears… we definitely don’t have a spot for everything and the number of bins of Christmas stuff is starting to get to me. I think it’s about time to say uncle and stop with the decorating.

we’ve got the Christmas bedding on. Allie cat seems to like it, reclining and crossing her paws pretending to be a lady. pfft. she’s bonkers. she jumped on ME the other day trying to open a door because she wanted out. she’s no lady. Kitty: you don’t have opposable thumbs or knowledge of how to work a door knob. give up.

*here are a couple before shots of the tree. it’s mostly decorated now. it smells so good. I love having a real tree.

the runs as of late
I haven’t missed a monday or wednesday run in 3 weeks. all are pretty much the same so won’t bore you with those details. this weekend (sat) we’ll probably do Wilmot Line to get some hills and distance done.

weekend of christmas cheer and a sore ass

this weekend was a good one. we got some more shopping done. I’m getting closer to being finished. then comes the wrapping hell. it wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t so anal. my inner Martha Stewart (you know you’re a runner when you start typing Martha’s name “Marath…”) comes out and there have to be bows and ribbons and other stuff for Miss Kitty to destroy and rip off. I need to audit but I think I’ve only got one more item for Dad H and one more for little LH, one more for little LH’s hubby, and ME’s cousin and my work secret santa left to do. not too shabby given what was on my list. oh and AE… she hasn’t submitted her list yet. naughty naughty. Santa is watching.

activities and exercise:
saturday – trail run with HE
distance: ~7M
time: ~70 mins
pace: ~10:00/M
calories: ~700
notes: oh. my. g. my ass was so sore. friday’s Jillian Michael’s workout shredded my butt so much that stairs are still painful 3 days later. I love it! I wanted to get 10M in for my long run but my body was just wiped and HE was play my conscience for me which was a good thing since mine was all “I’m so tired. can’t think or talk right now. figure it out yourself.” which is probably conscience code for “stop right now. you’re about to pass out.” plus I was busy wasting energy on imagining the hills as mountains, which is why I probably could have crawled up them faster. sorry HE, I was definitely slowing you down on saturday! that afternoon I ate my face off and had 2 beers. so that wiped out any benefits from that run. I’ve got the willpower of my cat around a treat when faced with trays of Great Grandma’s fudge and . I start drooling and freaking out until I eat and eat lots. so food on saturday wasn’t so good. also had date night on saturday night and I ate a ton of buttery popcorn and coke.

sunday – hockey
time: 60mins
notes: forgot to wear my headband under my helmet and sweat was running into my eyes. that’s a good thing b/c I was actually skating hard enough to get sweaty! need to take power skate something fierce. I suck on blades. bad. and I hate sucking at a sport. ate well in the morning and then it fell apart in the afternoon. I was supposed to go to the gym right after hockey with KT but it got delayed and ME and I had planned to shop in the afternoon so I had to bail on the gym. my ass hurt all day especially going up stairs and getting in and out of the car. I didn’t eat lunch until around 2pm and then I ate an A&W Momma Burger, rootbeer and fries. and then more popcorn. ME and I bought 2 bags of Kernels popcorn in creamy caramel and double butter. dammit. I was stuffing my face before we even left the mall. and then we had dinner with 3/4 of the E clan at LN’s house. where I ate too much and had 2 glasses of wine. and then later I ate more popcorn. 1/2 a bag in a day.

monday – run with HE
distance: 4.76M
time: 46mins
pace: ~9:44/M
calories: 460
notes: dehydrated. almost threw up. wasn’t feeling it this morning. really glad I got a run in though. no pain from injuries issues. was dressed appropriately for the 0 degree weather. overall it shouldn’t have sucked but it did b/c I’m an idiot and didn’t hydrate. internet high five to HE who has run for three straight days which is a record for her. food is going well today though! I’ve had a medium coffee made with love, a bagel with peanut butter, a baked chicken breast with broccoli and cauliflower, and I’m about to start on a spinach salad with balsamic vinegar for dressing and fresh veggies for snack.

and my ass still hurts. although somewhat less.

week update and the christmas tree

first the activity for the week:

distance: 4.5M
time: ~43min
pace: 9:34/M
calories: ~400
notes: ran with HE. just a nice regular run. no pain, no issues. so glad to have HE to run with. she keeps me motivated. she’d also mentioned that she wanted to pick up the pace for our runs a bit b/c she was concerend about going too slow. so we went from 10:10/M to 9:34/M.

indoor volleyball. no subs, low-med effort game. I was tired and my lower back was bothering me so I didn’t play very hard. went out and had beers after = all benefits of playing erased.

distance: 4.5M
time: ~43min
pace: 9:34/M
calories: ~400
notes: HE and I kept exactly the same pace as monday. (note: I estimated the time and distance b/c I don’t have my log with me at the moment to know exactly but I do know we were exactly the same pace 2 days in a row!) again, uneventful run – no issues.
indoor soccer
distance: 4M
time: 50mins
subs: 2 female subs… cuts down playing time significantly!
calories: ~400
notes: strained my left calf. ankles felt like they were as strong as spaghetti noodles. right ankle rolled but no pain or swelling. played one of the best teams in the leg and lost 4-2. I scored one of the goals off a free kick.

thursday – rest. slept in.

gym with KT. did Jillian Michaels Making the Cut day 2 workout before work. remembered to eat before the gym this morning so had a much better workout than last week. didn’t push hard enough though b/c at no point did I ever feel like puking. which is unusual. did feel very weak though. definitely out of shape!

today was the first Operation Witchy Wednesday Telephone Pole meeting. KT and I are trying to avoid the pitfalls of Whopper Wednesdays and have scheduled a healthy lunchtime replacement. came out of it feeling really motivated and now I have to be accountable to someone. also discuss a Biggest Loser competition to start in the new year to coincide with the new BL season starting 4 Jan.

last weekend ME and I got our christmas tree. it’s my first real tree since I was about 5. very exciting! so we picked it up on sunday. monday night we get home from work and ME is in the living room when the tree falls over. randomly. Miss Allie-cat was not in the room and cannot be blamed. I was upstairs changing out of work clothes when I hear “DISASTER! TREE! TOWELS!” repeatedly. ME loses his words when there is a crisis apparently… anyways many needles and “Very full, lots of sap” comments later, the tree is back up and that fucker is tied to the wall. last night, almost a week later, we started decorating. note “started”… as in not finished yet. so far it’s looking pretty awesome. it smells pretty awesome too. yay christmas!

pictures to come all before and after. I know. I’m awesome.

florida, a couple runs, gym, and not enough sleep

this week and last weekend were pretty jammed packed. I was in florida, with ME, visiting ME’s cousin JH and her husband MR. lots of food, bevvies, fun and shopping was crammed into 3 days. did I mention lots of adult beverages?

yeah. all class, I know.
many many thanks to JH and MR for their hospitality! I had a great time and look forward to when you guys can come and stay with us!
anyways… since getting home I haven’t slept much and I’m dead tired from the exercise I’ve gotten in this week. so much so, that I was woken up this morning with a cold paw in the face and the saddest “Why haven’t you feed me yet?!” eyes you’ve ever seen. at 7:30am. 2 hours later than she normally gets me up… which means I slept through my alarm, gym appt, and a howling cat. fine start to my day.

this week I ran Wed morning with HE.
distance: 4.75M
time: 49mins
pace: 10:10/M
calories: 490
notes: was really warm. ran in capri pants and wasn’t chilly at all! pretty good considering it has snowed this month. felt good to run after such a lazy and boozy weekend.
Wednesday night was a late soccer game at 11pm. had a terrible touch, like there was cement in my feet and my ankles had fused. it was a good 50min run though but didn’t push hard enough to feel the dry heaves come on.
Thurs morning I did a gym trip with KT
completed Jillian Michaels Making the Cut day 1. minus the cardio stuff involving the threadmill. too much of a pain in the ass to hope on a treadmill for 1 min of sprinting and then have to wipe it down afterwards. didn’t realize how out of shape I’d gotten. the 5 circuts were hard. like really hard. I had to stop doing mountain climbers for a few seconds so that I wouldn’t barf my yogurt and granola breakfast. yogurt barf is gross. worse than regular puke. Jillian would have probably yelled at me and called me a baby. I would have deserved it too.
in other news:
christmas shopping has begun in earnst. need to find a good hidey hole to stash my treasures that ME won’t find. I’m thinking his sister’s place might be my best bet. bought a pair of Spanks to wear with the disco ball dress on Saturday’s charity dinner. I don’t know where the Spanks put it but keep doing what you’re doing! shoes are going to be an issue for that dress. might need to check out the mall on Saturday. last night I went and saw New Moon and it was delightfully cheesy and bad and I loved it. sorry Twi-Hards, it’s not brilliant literature, nor a particularly good movie but I embrace the cheese and enjoyed it all the same.
happy belated thanksgiving to the Americans out there and enjoy your Black Friday shopping!

dream I had + two runs

I now have an Official Dream Interpreter. here is the first dream dissected via IM conversation:

LH [5:33 PM]:
so… spider dream
LH [5:34 PM]:
I dreamt that I was vacuuming and ME and HE (his sister) were there and there was this huge massive spider and I got all stressed and had to vacuum it up ‘cept I had the thin nozzle attachment on the vacuum and the spider was really really big
LH [5:34 PM]:
and I was afraid it wouldn’t get vacuumed up
LH [5:34 PM]:
and it would crawl down the vacuum tube thingy and on to me
KT [5:35 PM]:
KT [5:35 PM]:
i hate spiders
LH [5:35 PM]:
but ME was like “just do it!” and I did and the spider went “Ka-thunk”
LH [5:35 PM]:
and got sucked up
LH [5:35 PM]:
but I could see all its legs wiggling frantically at the end of the vacuum tube before it got properly sucked up
LH [5:36 PM]:
I wonder what it means…
KT [5:36 PM]:
let’s look it up
LH [5:37 PM]:
KT [5:37 PM]:
maybe you are the spider, and the vaccum is
LH [5:37 PM]:
KT [5:37 PM]:
apparently dreaming about spiders is good luck
KT [5:38 PM]:
Spiders in a dream are a sign of general good luck; to kill one signifies good news. If it was spinning a web, it augurs approaching money; if it was climbing a wall, it’s a harbinger of success in all that concerns you most deeply.
KT [5:38 PM]:
KT [5:38 PM]:
or: Spiders in a dream are a serious danger signal This can mean female intrigues aimed at ensnaring men, and refers to the cold, calculating nature evident in some women.
LH [5:38 PM]:
but what about sucking it up thru a vacuum!!!???
KT [5:40 PM]:
there are no details on this specific dream
LH [5:40 PM]:
LH [5:41 PM]:
the intertubes suck at dream interpretation
KT [5:41 PM]:
maybe the spider is one of your goals, and you being afraid to suck it up is being afraid of failure, and then the sucking it up is you acheiving that goal, and the wiggly legs struggling is the final obstacles you overcome in reaching your goal.
LH [5:41 PM]:
I like you better. I think you’ll be my Official Dream Interpreter from now on.
KT [5:42 PM]:
KT [5:42 PM]:
please bring me dreams on a regular basis
LH [5:42 PM]:
will do.

runs this week…
tuesday –
distance: ~4M
time: ~34mins
pace: ~9:10/M
calories: ~400cal
notes: good run, was listening to tunes so that’s why I was going so fast (for me). did the usual loop outside of the neighbourhood and it was chilly. legs felt good but right hip started to malfunction around 3.5M. has felt ok since then.

wednesday –
distance: 3.5M
time: 35min
pace: 10:00/M
calories: 300
notes: easy run this am w/ HE. love that she keeps me honest and gets my ass out of bed. no leg/foot/hip pain. was warm this am and I was overdressed w/ a fleece on! thanks HE (for the runs and company and hard work!)

other exercise –
tuesday – volleyball, 1hr, with no subs and a player short. but we won!
– 1/2 hr extravaganza walk at lunch w/ TOM, KT, HJ
wednesday – soccer 50mins.

morning run

Ran the outside of the neighbourhood with HE
distance: 4.7M
time: 47:5o-something mins
pace: 10:10/M
calories: almost 500
notes: hebrew! that’s what I’m going to call HE from now on. hehee! take that google ad bot! btw: HE (hebrew) has a blog here. yeah. so about the run, it was good. watched the sun come up. felt much better this morning that monday morning. ran in my ancient blue saucony’s and they are pretty much done. time for a replacement. ME says I should scale back on the shoe buying. what does he know? he’s a boy. boys don’t get the shoe thing. plus he buys running shoes at like every race expo we got to. something about how they are cheap. wait. huh. maybe I should be buying shoes at expo instead. I need a race to sign up for so I can buy shoes. suggestions??
right. back to the run. frosty and cold this morning so my first mile was at like 8:20/M because I was shivering and needed to warm up fast. I even went back for my fleece vest it was so chilly. glad I did because I was comfy for the entire run.

Glee is on tonight (squee!) and so is Top Gear (double squee!).

Oh and I might buy a car today.