short a run but hey! extra points for extra cross-training!

I’m counting beach volleyball as cross-training. too bad if you think otherwise. it counts. tuesday night I played two games of beach for about 1 hour of cross training time. playing as setter helps b/c you have to haul ass all over that court :o)
plantar facsia was a mite bit stiff the next day and tight while running the bases last night at baseball.

this morning I made it to strength class. it was a lot of upper body stuff which is good for me since I’m weak above the waist. legs were fatigued from tuesday’s class so the lunges were a bit wobbly but I got (most) of them done!

need to get a 40 min run in today so that I can stay on schedule! MC > your excitement for the 1/2 marathon is catching and your commitment is helping me to stay focused!

tuesday – strength class + beach volleyball
wednesday – softball
thursday – strength class + run

One thought on “short a run but hey! extra points for extra cross-training!

  1. I just discovered your blog today and am too excited to find out that you are a runner in the city I live in! I can definitely say I might be getting some route ideas from you. 🙂


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