Oktoberfest 5K race report and THE PLAN

bah hell. so the taco bell did not help my performance at the Oktoberfest 5K. I did not PR but did PR… hehehe. I’m in a new age bracket so technically it’s a PR for this bracket, being my first race, but not a lifetime PR. I ran the 5K in 25:31 (chip time), good enough for 5/50 in my age group. I was pretty uncomfortable in the later third of the race, dry heaving once. ME was super duper (sometimes I get so mad at him! not training at all and beating me!) pacing and pushing me through most of the race. I didn’t kick and didn’t push at all in the last km. that was poor. I lost the mental game with myself and didn’t even try to override what my body was telling me. this weekend I’ll have a good opportunity to work on my mental game during the half.

this weekend is the Niagara Falls 1/2 Marathon and I want to PR in the half. need to be 2:10 which I think is achievable. I plugged my 5K time into a predictor and got an estimated finish time of 01:56:19. so there it is folks – a sub 2hr 1/2 marathon should be achievable. will let you know results via twitter and/or the blog.

so, I was wandering the internets, mostly the runner’s world web site and found these awesome forum discussions and new website: your weekly workout, P90x and running, and Shane’s Training. all were very informative and inspiring. just what I needed as I ramp up for THE PLAN.

THE PLAN consists of training for the next 7 months, hopefully culminating in a wildly successful spring marathon. the work break down structure: the next 90 days will be filled with base building running and P90x Lite for weight loss. the next 4 months will be hard training for a spring marathon. likely this one because it gives me 18 weeks of training. wish me luck. it’s going to be hard!

One thought on “Oktoberfest 5K race report and THE PLAN

  1. Sorry I missed you on Sunday. I was working food at the race. You probably walked right by me, maybe even talked to me I didn't know. I will be running the Remember race in November in Cambridge with my family. Good luck in Niagara.


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