Probably the coolest hat ever

It's this one.
We stopped at the Lululemon Lab this morning and picked up this, a pin and a 'eh!' shirt.
Loving the olympic fever!

Now have picked up our tickets for men's hockey (Finland v Belarus) and men's curling. Still trying to get victory ceremony tickets to see Bare Naked Ladies. Women's hockey is later this aft.

On the SkyTrain this morning we got to overhear the phone conversation of a self-proclaimed “very popular” protester, nattering on about hanging a very large banner with Sister somebody's blessing. He saw me on my BlackBerry Bold and suddenly changed sides of the train and seemed to be craning to see what I was doing. Takes all kinds I suppose.

More Olympics updates after I have my tea.

3 thoughts on “Probably the coolest hat ever

  1. Heather: nothing sexier than a flying tin can transporter! we did 4 days in Vegas and then about a week in Vancity. and now reality… with snow…

    cellagirl: hope Hali was delightful! when are you home? when's your next race?


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