Moar CrossFit, feel free to bail here.

Here’s summary of my recent CrossFit classes.

5 March
7 Rounds – XXmin cap.
30s HS Hold (nose/toes to wall)
3 Wall climbs
7 Toes to bar (Scaled – I did knees to elbows)
9 Box jumps; 30/24″ (Rx @ 24)
I completed 6 rounds, and the 7th handstand hold before the time limit.
This class was really fun but I spent a lot of time upside down and feeling like I was going to fall on my noggin. Terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time! I was really proud of my handstand holds since I really didn’t think that I could do these all in a single hold each time but I did! Each time I really concentrated in pushing through my palms and breathing and it was FINE. No panic, nice and strong. Yay me!
Toes to bar kipping makes sense to me in theory but I am useless stringing them together. For some reason, I can’t figure out how to reload when I come down so that I can string a few together. Tetz says push the bar away and I think I need to spend more time watching tutorials.

7 March
CrossFit Games Open 13.1 – 17min cap.
40 Burpees
30 Snatch (75/45) – I did 35
30 Burpees
30 Snatch (135/85) – I did 40
20 Burpees – FINISHED THESE @ 16:57.
30 Snatch (165/110)
10 burpees
As many as possible Snatch (210)
Since I wasn’t doing the Open for real, I didn’t have the 6″ burpee requirement and this workout was still really f-cking hard. My hip flexors (the fronts of my hips) were on fire at the end. 90 burpees were humbling. I also have problems controlling the weight over my head for overhead squats and snatches so I kept the weight down and worked on form. Even so, that was a tough workout for me. I should shut-up though, check out this girl, Jenny LaBaw doing this workout, prescribed, with a broken foot. She’s a BAMF.

And finally, last night, 11 March, I did:
5 Rounds:
In 2 minutes complete…
3 OHS (No Rx, I did 40lbs)
6 Burpee Box Jump (30/24) – Rx @24
As many Kettlebell (KB) Swing as possible with time remaining (32/24) – Scaled, 16kg
*1 minute rest

Here’s my KB swing #s for each round:
20 – I realized this was unsustainable and backed off.
20 (and I almost puked in my mouth) – Brent was yelling at us to do as many reps as we did in the first round. Why did I have to be such an over-achiever in the first round?

Afterwards, I got home to a super yummy paleo friendly supper of chicken thighs and steamed broccoli. A very grateful THANK YOU BABIES! Then, I played hockey, came home and had an Epsom salt bath and couldn’t sleep until after midnight.


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