Nearing the end of the hiatus

Here it is, Spring in the Canada-land, and there’s 5cm of snow on my lawn. April has been hitting the sauce too hard and confused itself with December. Go home, April. You need to sleep this off.

As promised, hoodieruns is coming back from hiatus, although not yet. Not officially. I’m feeling the urge to write about running and start planning for my return to running, because I miss it so much.

Theoretically, I’ve another 7-9 weeks before I’m actually going to be cleared to run. Hopefully sooner, if I can figure out the magic combination to evict the current resident of my body. In the nesting phase of this pregnancy, my attention has turned to a return to physical activity. Unpacking old training journals and various running books in our library has only made the nesting itch worse. I’m literally moments away from a massive collision between graph paper, calendar, star stickers, Hal Higdon’s wisdom, my new training journal and coloured pens. Hopefully this arts and crafts/training schedule project will tie me over, until real running can begin.

The Bad Thing, I’ve got my eye on you.

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