Christmas tree 2009

finally! as promised! here are the pictures of the tree!
I finished wrapping all of my family’s stuff and now we’re down to ME’s stuff. when you add 3 young nephews to the mix, the number of things to wrap rises exponentially. luckily, ST mentioned a smart solution: dollar store christmas boxes. I’m heading there after work.
on running front:
saturday – 6.3M on wilmot line. that road is so freakin’ hilly. and man was it cold!
monday – the usual 4.5M around the neighbourhood.
this morning – bailed on my run as my running partner is up home in Owen Sound for the holidays. HE – I’m bringing running stuff and we’ll run while we’re up there!
at work I’m organizing a Biggest Loser weight loss competition. I’m so looking forward to this. a new year’s resolution is to BQ this year (gulp… I can’t believe I just made that really public!!) which means dropping 1hr and 46mins from my marathon time… and to help with that, dropping a few pounds is a good start. and for real training would be good too. I think with some decent, consistent training I should be able to do 4hrs. as for the other 20+ minutes… well that’s going to mean some hard core work.

One thought on “Christmas tree 2009

  1. Yay for me! I actually went out for a 35 min run today! I didn't do it at 6am, but I managed to get it in nonetheless. I kinda HAVE to given how much baking and crap mom has around the house right now…


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