two gold stars!

I earned two (2) gold stars last night! Coach Koala sent me my schedule yesterday afternoon and since I’m a keener I tweaked evening plans last night to fit in my workouts. here’s the breakdown of my activities:

80rpm avg
20.2km/h avg (max 46.4km/h)
143bpm avg (max 187bpm)
instructions were 1hr at 140-160 HR range – success!
ME (aka Captain Fast Bike) came with me for the bike as he wasn’t really feeling a run last night either. he did some of the drills we did at Koalas practice and then I beat him up the hill. Coach Koala! I got out of the saddle and kept up my momentum!

12-15 reps of each exercise (12 exercises total) – mostly success!
sit-ups – boring, did 1 min plank and 15 crunches and 15 reverse crunches instead
stretching – fail
I didn’t get a chance to look up what a dumbbell pullover and side lateral raises were before I went home so I skipped those. at the request of the Physio Goddess, I added 12 reps each side of the hip aductor strengthening exercise she gave me done with a band. I also did different core exercises than sit-ups. and then I skipped the stretching in favour of a shower and bed.

also, I cooked dinner which was a ‘make your own stirfry sauce from scratch’ adventure that turned out quite well. very pleased with that since the last try wasn’t so good. got Captain Fast Bike’s stamp of approval. leftovers for lunch – yum.

gold stars might not be quite so abundant tuesday b/c of volleyball.

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