Not surprising really

Just nicely home from Las Vegas over the weekend. We had a blast, celebrating the one year anniversary of our engagement and having fun with friends. We go every year with mostly the same group and it’s always a mixed bag of adventures, shenanigans and debauchery. As you might have guessed, this trip had a *wee* bit of an impact on my training plans… and the title says it all.

Monday OFF.
Tuesday 9K easy – completed
Wednesday Strength training – completed, in the hallway of the hotel b/c I’m not paying $25 for an hour workout.
Thursday 12K fartlek – fail.
Friday 8K easy – fail.
Saturday 7K easy – fail.
Sunday 14K easy – fail.
That’s 41K of missed training. 
At least this week is a new week and I’m off to a good start.
Monday OFF.
Tuesday 10K easy – completed. I’ve also got volleyball and soccer tonight.
Wednesday Strength training
Thursday 8K easy
Friday 9K total w/ long hills
Saturday 8K easy
Sunday 17K easy
Sunday could prove to be a challenge as I’ve got my cousin’s wedding on Saturday night and we’re staying out of town. Since I put on (another) 2lbs while in Las Vegas, I’ve got a goal to be extra healthy this week to drop that weight and get my kms done. Saturday night will include lots of water, and dancing my ass off and I’m doing that long run come hell, hangover or high water.
I’ve also got another chance to redeem myself. I’m calling it “penance” for the Las Vegas trip. The first full week of March, I’m headed to Panama City Beach for a week long triathlon training camp. I think that with swimming, biking and running, I’ll more than make up for that missed 41K.
And now for your viewing pleasure, a few shots from my trip:
Yes that is Emmett Cullen (aka Kellan Lutz)

So much better looking in real life

Caesars – my shopping mecca

Caesars at dusk
There were many more but I’d need to add an 18+ disclaimer to my blog.
Also, one last surprise from the trip to come. Stay tuned.

Marathon Training: It Has Begun

It is day four of Marathon Training: The Quest For Boston. So far, I am four out of four for completing workouts. Here’s what my week as looked like so far:
Mon: OFF (I’m so good at these days. I kill them.)
Tues: 9K easy
Wed: strength training
Thurs: 11K easy

The runs on Tuesday and Thursday I did in the morning before work. As tough as it is to get out of bed and get moving, it’s definitely better than waiting until the evening to get the workout done. That’s what happened on Wednesday. I couldn’t haul myself out of bed so told myself that I’d do strength training in the evening. That  could have been disastrous but luckily, my favourite show, Republic of Doyle, is on Wednesday nights. So, I made a deal with myself. No Republic of Doyle unless I worked out during or after it. I chose during because an hour long workout after would have had me up until 11PM and I needed to get up early to run in the morning. As Jake got to the bottom of an attempted murder and antagonized poor b’y, Sergeant Hood, I worked my way through the Koalas strength training program.

2 sets of 12-15 reps of the following:
hamstring curls
shoulder press
bench press
shoulder flys
bicep curls
tricep kickbacks
weighted squats
weighted lunges
tricep press
calf exercise from physio on each side.

one set of 88’s
20 sit up twists
1min plank

Last Sunday, prior to the official start of training, I completed a 14.75K run too and had done a long run up to 17K in January as well. Nothing spectacular but definitely confidence boosters for the work that is coming in the next 16 weeks.

So there you have it.

@FitBoundy, @cellagirl, @bigbrnz and @Leslie_Morton – what’s going on with your training???

Last week… gone.

Last week I was MIA.

Monday I was super tired from all the training the week before. Decided to take a rest day.
Tuesday and Wednesday I was sick, possibly with food poisoning. Five lbs lost in two days in probably the least pleasant of ways.
Thursday was soccer. Felt weak and my stomach was still sore.
Friday off day.
Saturday and Sunday was spent eating Thanksgiving bounty at my parents’ house. There was no working out. Just a light walk on Sunday.

So here it is Monday once again and did Hoodie get up and get her ass out the door for a run this morning? No. She elected to sleep until 7:45am.

Not only did I not get a run in this morning I also had the sad realization on my drive to work that I would miss all daylight and likely would have to run in the dark tonight. Late to work = late leaving work + needing to get groceries + put dinner on the table = late, dark workout.

There’s also the added dilemma of what to do with my training schedule? Do I skip last week altogether and proceed to week three OR do I do week two this week and not complete week 12?

I’m very unsure of what to do here. Any suggestions?


Right now it seems as though life and work are super busy, a whirlwind if you will. Thankfully, running is doing a great job at keeping me sane. This week I’ve really cranked out the workouts. In fact I’m really impressed with me. I actually hauled my ass off the couch on Wednesday night at 10PM and got my work out done. Despite the cat attempting to keep me pinned to the couch. Below is my week summary of workouts.

Completed workouts:
Monday – missed workout.
Tuesday – hill repeats run and soccer
Wednesday – 5K run
Thursday – spin, strength and soccer
Friday – REST!
Planned workouts:
Saturday – tempo run
Sunday – 10K long run.
Other obsession consuming my attention lately is pinterest.
Head over here to see see my Friday funny: 

dry run for Sunday’s race and the lucky green shorts

last night the Koala’s had a killer workout. Koach had us do a mini du as a dry run for the team’s racing activities this weekend. several of us are racing at Bellewood this weekend and LM and I are racing in Gravenhurst. to help us practise transition, Koach had us start out running (10mins hard) and then hop on the bike for (about 45mins total) 4 x 3mins 90% effort w/ 6 mins of rest between repeats. lastly we came back and ran another 10mins.

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel given that I’d tweaked my groin in the soccer tourney on the weekend and was still feeling the effects of sleep deprivation. I told Koach that I was feeling about 70% but in the end, after a solid workout, I was feeling good. today, I’m still feeling good. no sore muscles, groin feels fine. this all bodes well for a good race this weekend… assuming LM and I don’t over indulge with the adult bevvies on Sat!

to help me put in a good workout last night, I wore my lucky green shorts. they were a reward to myself after my very first 10K back in 3rd year university. I think these shorts are a green sister pair to the Bowl Full of Sunshine Shorts worn (sported? rocked?) by Steve In A Speedo?! so to maintain a shred of modesty on the bike I wore spandies underneath.

don’t I look like kalediscope puke?!
HE > will try and get my schedule posted for you ASAP.

update on the june challenge and my health

so far I’ve been doing ok with my June challenge.
I’ve got my workouts for the month written below and for the days that are done, I’ve included their status.

Partial pass

1 – 15 mins stretch, Koala’s run (scheduled: 30mins yoga, Koala’s run)
2 – 40mins swim (scheduled: Koala’s bike – cancelled, inclement weather)
3 – 45mins run (scheduled: 45min run)
4 – soccer (scheduled: soccer)
5 – none (scheduled: 20mins run, 1hr bike)
6 – none (scheduled: 30mins bike, 30mins run)
7 – golf (scheduled: 30mins weights, golf)
8 – Koala’s run (scheduled: 30mins yoga, Koala’s run)
9 – Koala’s bike/run (scheduled: Koala’s bike/run)
10 – 1hr Koala’s swim (scheduled: 45 min run)
11 – soccer (scheduled: soccer)
12 – 20mins run, 40mins bike (scheduled: 20mins run, 75mins bike)
13 – none (scheduled: 40mins bike, 40mins run)
14 – 30mins weights, 30mins run (scheduled: 30mins weights, golf)
15 – 30mins shred, Koala’s run (scheduled: yoga, Koala’s run)
16 – Koala’s bike (scheduled: Koala’s bike/run)
17 – none (scheduled: 45mins run, beach vball)
18 – (scheduled: soccer)
19 – (scheduled: easy 20min run)
20 – (scheduled: Waterloo Classic 10km, 30-60mins aerobic bike)
21 – (scheduled: 30mins weights, golf)
22 – (scheduled: yoga, Koala’s run)
23 – (scheduled: Koala’s bike/run)
24 – (scheduled: 45mins run)
25 – (scheduled: off)
26 – (scheduled: run 20mins/bike 40mins/run 20mins)

this has been a really interesting exercise because it’s showed me which days I tend to bail on (hello Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, you guys are really hard to work out on!) and has helped to improve my overall consistency and commitment.

in other news, I’ve been working on leaning out and dropping some weight in preparation for the multi-sport season and a fall marathon. obviously I’ve still got a ways to go (thank you wet suit for reminding me of that…) but I’m pleased with my progress so far. it’s a very fine balance to strike, making sure I’m getting enough calories to fuel my workouts and keep my performance up but not too many that I have the opportunity to store them. this week I definitely did not strike a balance. on Wednesday night’s bike I was dogging it pretty badly. I just didn’t feel fresh or strong. the legs were heavy, I was very tired. since I struggled so much on the bike I decided to skip the run portion and head home early. probably for the best. I’m feeling much better having taken yesterday off altogether and getting some more sleep. last night my calorie deficit from earlier in the week caught up with me and I was ravenous. ate so much last night that I was still feeling sick and overstuffed when I woke up this morning!

on Monday this week I had my followup blood pressure appointment. my readings were within normal range this time which was great news! yay for drinking lots more water! (yes, I know that you are supposed to watch salt intake too and I discussed my diet with a nutritionist at my first appointment and she felt that I wasn’t consuming enough salt to be causing my high blood pressure on its own. she and my doctor both felt it was likely my training and work stress coupled with chronic dehydration causing problems.) next to get off the list is an ECHO for a heart murmur. that’s not until July though.

hoodie has been MIA in more ways than just blogging

the last three weeks have just disappeared into a blackhole of… um. I don’t even know how to describe it. they are just gone.

work has been wretched lately. big deadlines and conflicting project schedules. long hours. boo hoo poor me. I’m gainfully employed with a great group of people and a great company and there shouldn’t be an excuse there but work has really been at the root of me not getting anything else done lately.

as Koach Koala can attest, my attendance and commitment to Koala’s workouts has been lackluster, shitty in fact, in the last two weeks. I’ve haven’t made any beach volleyball games yet. haven’t been running on my own. energy levels have been low. I’ve been eating like an American.

lastly, i’m stretched way too thin. see my weekly schedule below. note that it doesn’t include the other workouts for koalas.

current wkly schedule:
mon – golf (7 more weeks)
tues – koalas run
wed – koalas bike
thurs – beach vball
fri – soccer
sat – long bike
sun – long run, baseball

something has got to give so…

proposed wkly schedule:
mon – golf (7 more weeks)
tues – koalas run
wed – koals bike
thurs – free (sub for vball when needed)
fri – soccer
sat – long bike
sun – long run, baseball

that minor thursday tweak, + a recommitment to getting my workouts in, + new badass red highlights, + new bike shoes that don’t make my feet fall asleep + better eating = kicking ass and taking names.

in other news, because I really just cannot slow down…

I’m an official tester for Agion Active (!

this is me in my special test shirt at my volleyball tournament a couple weeks ago (isn’t that a hawt double chin?!):

one half of it is treated with Agion Active and the other half isn’t.
from their website:
“Agion Active is the latest in stink technology for apparel and gear and is so new it’s not even on the market yet. The patented system is built into apparel and will eliminate odor from any source.”
Agion Active isn’t a clothing company – they make this awesome anti-stink stuff and it WORKS.
no joke. I sweated all day in that shirt, balled it up in a backpack and then pulled it out two days later and wore it for Koala’s run practise. one side was a bit smelly, other side… nothing. up next: hot yoga. my yoga mat is stank so if this shirt doesn’t get stinked up from it… it’ll be a miracle. as part of my testing I don’t really plan to wash the shirt, just to see what happens. will keep you posted! FYI – ME, always the voice of reason said it would be bad to wear the shirt everyday for a month for every activity as one side of it IS NOT treated. point taken.
I’ve also signed up for my races this summer:
Gravenhurst – sprint du – July 17-18
Bracebridge – sprint du – Aug 7-8
Wasaga – sprint tri – Sept 11 > I kinda just signed up for this one without looking at how far I’d have to swim. this sucker is 750m. oops. guess I’ll be hitting the pool.
and one last thing. I’ve got a four day bootcamp for PMP coming up in June. I have to study for an exam and I have to have work sheets done and a bunch of stuff memorized by then! dude. I haven’t written an exam in years and haven’t had to memorize anything since approximately HIGHSCHOOL. balls.

week’s activities

mmmkay. pretty good week for me. completed 8/10 scheduled workouts, which isn’t equivalent to 90% of my training load. I completed about 75% of my training load but didn’t do my long run yesterday or 30mins of yoga on Thurs.

the weekend was kinda crazy with ME’s cousin here from Orlando and a birthday party and my cousins in town w/ a Dallas (the bar) adventure planned. so if you’re reading between the lines here – I drank too much and ate very poorly pretty much since Thursday.

aside from the previously mentioned workouts, I did:
Tues – 1hr volleyball.
Wed – 30 min tempo run; 1hr bike
Thurs – 1hr run
Fri – off
Sat – 1hr bike
Sun – off

ME has a cold and we’re 7 days until the Boston Marathon and that is Not Good. my resting heart rate was elevated a little bit over the weekend which usually means I’m fighting something, so if ME gave me his cold… Not Good.

this week is shaping up to be a doozy. we’re leaving for Boston on Friday and are there until Tuesday. scheduled workouts for this week:
Mon – weights, 1hr bike.
Tues – 1hr volleybal, 1hr run.
Wed – 1hr bike
Thurs – 30mins yoga, 1hr run.
Fri -off
Sat – 1hr bike
Sun – 2hrs run (~18km)

this is what’s more likely to happen:
Mon – weights, 1hr run.
Tues – volleyball, 1hr bike.
Wed – 1hr run, 1hr bike
Thurs – 30mins low ropes @ YMCA,
Fri – off
Sat – run
Sun – off
Mon – off
Tues – volleyball

for real gold star.

want to know why?
well internets, I earned a real gold star (along w/ LM and Mr. A who’s last name I don’t know) last night by going out for a bike ride IN THE RAIN when bike practise had already been cancelled. that’s right I’m hardcore.
Coach’s email said:
Sorry i didnt get out but thought it was going to rain for sure.
Therefore you all get GOLD STARS!

I know. I kick ass.