Naughty hoodie didn’t do her workouts

Last week was a bit of a test as we were travelling for ME's 2nd Boston Marathon adventure. A pass was defined as getting in 2 workouts in the 4 days we were away. FAIL.

I did get lots of activity in last week, hitting my projected number of hours of exercise as prescribed as Koach Koala (clever eh… Like that?). The exercise was mostly unstructured and not sport specific though so I guess should be filled under the 'Fun and dirty but not really training' column.

As a result, I'm playing a bit of catch up and trying to get errands done as well. I'm currently sitting in Shoppers Drug Mart waiting for a prescription to get filled. Ran here and looks like I need to run to yoga after if I'm going to hope to make it in time. Did NOT plan this well. Ah well.

C'est la vie and I'm embracing it and giving myself the gift of exercise.

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