week’s activities

mmmkay. pretty good week for me. completed 8/10 scheduled workouts, which isn’t equivalent to 90% of my training load. I completed about 75% of my training load but didn’t do my long run yesterday or 30mins of yoga on Thurs.

the weekend was kinda crazy with ME’s cousin here from Orlando and a birthday party and my cousins in town w/ a Dallas (the bar) adventure planned. so if you’re reading between the lines here – I drank too much and ate very poorly pretty much since Thursday.

aside from the previously mentioned workouts, I did:
Tues – 1hr volleyball.
Wed – 30 min tempo run; 1hr bike
Thurs – 1hr run
Fri – off
Sat – 1hr bike
Sun – off

ME has a cold and we’re 7 days until the Boston Marathon and that is Not Good. my resting heart rate was elevated a little bit over the weekend which usually means I’m fighting something, so if ME gave me his cold… Not Good.

this week is shaping up to be a doozy. we’re leaving for Boston on Friday and are there until Tuesday. scheduled workouts for this week:
Mon – weights, 1hr bike.
Tues – 1hr volleybal, 1hr run.
Wed – 1hr bike
Thurs – 30mins yoga, 1hr run.
Fri -off
Sat – 1hr bike
Sun – 2hrs run (~18km)

this is what’s more likely to happen:
Mon – weights, 1hr run.
Tues – volleyball, 1hr bike.
Wed – 1hr run, 1hr bike
Thurs – 30mins low ropes @ YMCA,
Fri – off
Sat – run
Sun – off
Mon – off
Tues – volleyball

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