ahh… the scent of chlorine

I jumped in feet first last night. literally.

KT, the bestest workout buddy, invited me over for a swim last night. we swam for 40mins.
omg, I’d totally forgotten what a full body workout swimming is and how fast my heart rate skyrockets while swimming! it was awesome!

according to an online calories burned calculator, I burned approx 275 calories. not too shabby. running is more efficient but swimming is a better full body workout.

I could do 2 full lengths without stopping and probably could have done more but I was getting water in my ears and that was super uncomfortable. need to pick up some ear plugs. speaking of stuff to pick up, I luckily thought to try on my bathing suit before heading over to KT’s. good thing I did because after owning that sucker for a full decade (admittedly not wearing it much) the elastic had kicked the bucket and the ass of the suit was approximately at my knees. nothing like dragging a parachute behind you while you swim. so, I ripped over to the mall and picked up a new TYR suit that is thankfully less obnoxiously coloured than old Droopy Bottom.

the swim was precipitated by KT and my respective sports getting cancelled due to weather last night. and while I really need to get back on my bike, I was really glad to hop in the pool!

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