Happy Anniversary to us

A year ago this happened.

Yesterday, was our first anniversary and we spent last weekend celebrating. Our weekend kicked off with a visit to the place we got married for dinner, Verses Restaurant. Once again the fantastic staff there, headed up by Deb McFadden, treated us to a delicious dinner and yummy wine selection. For dinner, I had:

Baby Spinach
Tossed in strawberry grape seed oil vinaigrette with toasted pumpkin seeds,
freeze dried strawberries, red onions and proscuitto chips

Grilled rare and served with quinoa risotto pancakes, cauliflower tranche, 
French green beans and kiwi grape coulis with vin cotto

2007 gb 51Cabernet Shiraz (Grant Burge Wines – Cabernet Shiraz)

The meal was excellent. So many flavours and amazing textures. Seriously folks, try kangaroo. It is so good! 

Saturday we went out for breakfast at our usual spot and harangued each other’s house choices in the real estate magazine. From there, I got dropped off at CrossFit Waterloo for a class while ME got rid of the vestiges of our most recent killed gazebo. The afternoon we spent watching the Olympics, talking about houses and prepping dinner. It was great to have a weekend around the house, just enjoying each other’s company.

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