Summer, Fall and Well… Almost Winter Update!

I’m sorry friends. I’ve been away for awhile.  Don’t worry though, I’ve been keeping busy. Work is a lot of my head space lately, so you’ll have to forgive me for not wanting to spend more time in front of the computer, writing for the blog. 

What’s up with Hoodie these days, you wonder? Well, I have continued my love affair with Crossfit. It is an addiction. I really love it but since ME got home from his boys’ trip to Florida + some additional stuff from work and suddenly I’m not working out… Like, at all. My day to day mood is suffering as a result. It’s time to get back on the bandwagon. Crossfit, I love you. Please take me back!
In other news, I’m playing hockey in a real proper league! For reals! I’m a giant timbit on skates but I’m really enjoying it. Can’t wait for Lesballs to get home and come see me play. She’s my hockey mentor :o) Since I suck so bad at basic skating mechanics, I’ve signed up for Adult Learn To Skate with the local figure skating club. It might seem counter intuitive but there isn’t any other really good ways for me to learn basics. Power skate is too advanced for me right now because I can’t actually stop in both directions or do crossovers at speed without really thinking about it. I’d like to do crossovers forwards much more comfortably and get better at skating backwards too. So, I’ll be on the ice at least twice a week starting in January, sometimes three times a week. Can’t wait!
I’ve also come out of retirement and am playing co-ed soccer again. I’m playing with Crossfit Waterloo, a super fit team as you might well imagine. Not a great deal of experience but we have the rare and awesome treat of being semi-coached and really well organized. As a result, we’re playing well together and it’s a blast.
This weekend will be a great motivating force for me as we get together in Sauble with @Keilshammer, @bigbrnz, and @Wardy_. Those cats are busy and crazy and I love them to bits and I can’t wait to hear all about all the awesome stuff they are doing to stay fit and motivated! Also, fist bumps to @Wardy_ as she’s now a full on RMT!! Woohoo! She’s worked hard for her dream and deserves your high fives.
And now, I leave you with this video of me playing hockey:

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