Santa Pursuit 5K

December 1st I begrudgingly ran a 5K in a Santa suit that was way too big for me. Getting dressed, I felt like a complete dolt but in the end, there were 1100 people all dressed the exact same way so there was certainly safety in numbers. 
I’m out of shape and not running at all right now so my time was not awesome, in fact one of my slowest 5K times in recent memory: 28:38. Still good enough for 18th in my age group out of 56 runners.
The first half of the race was pretty busy and slow. After the halfway mark, runners were getting strung out a bit more so we could pick up the pace. The second half I felt pretty good and tried to continue to pick up the  pace. I think I succeeded since I had the Santa dry-heaves at the finish line. 
Ho. Ho. Ho.

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