Guess what I did tonight.

And then, I climbed that f-cker two more times.
Rope ‘hay’ covering my legs.


I’ve been dying to try a rope climb since hearing about @Wardy_ and @Keilshammer and @bigbrnz working on rope climbs so frequently (it seems) at their box. Whelp, tonight my wish came true! Thank you @k_tetz for hinting at Andie. She totally has pull.

Tonight’s CrossFit class was:
• one rep max front squat – I got a at PR 135 lbs!
• four rounds (2mins each rnd) 
   ~ 1 rope climb
   ~ 10 push ups
   ~ max effort burpees for the remaining time
   Then: 1 minute rest
I didn’t finish my last rope climb, got about halfway and was so fatigued I was worried about falling so I came down. I did 35 burpees in total.
Then when I got home I got an early birthday present: 007 Jack. 
Thank you Babies!! 

Fuck yeah.

(update: I also got an assist at hockey last night. Pretty much the best night of March 2013.)

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