I love lamb

(Any movie nerds get it? My girl KJ would have gotten it in a snap… explanation below…)

Remember the other day how I made Moroccan Meatballs? I made them with lamb and they are mega delicious. So delicious that they are all gone and I will be making another batch tonight, only sadly, with beef because I’m out of lamb. Nom nom nom. If I remember to take a picture before I stuff the balls in my face (heh, I crack myself up) I’ll post it later.

Last night’s CrossFit class was a bit rough. My forearms are crispy. Thank you bigbrnz.com for that term.

1RM OHS (15mins to establish) – 65 lbs (not really my 1 rep max though, my partner was slow so didn’t really get a good run at this)

WOD (14minute cap):
50 Double Unders

5 Rounds
10 KB Snatch + Lunge; 12kg (8kg instead because we ran out of 12kg bells)
5 Chest to Bar Pullups (I did unassisted pull ups)
10 Thrusters (8kg, see above)

50 Double Unders

I am mad about the double unders. I suck at these. I did 10 d/u in the first set, then completed the rest as single skips and in the second set, I did 25 d/u before time was up. Tetz finished this workout, Rx, in 11mins flat. What killed me was the damn skipping. Grrr.
In brighter news, I’m pumped because I did unassisted (no bands) pull ups and managed to kip a couple! Progress!

Tonight… the dreaded wallballs. Thank you 13.3.

I love lamb

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