And I’m back…

As promised, it’s April and I’m back.

Those of you that know me, know why I’ve been MIA. I went and had a baby. We’ve chosen not to broadcast our baby all over the interwebs so you won’t be seeing cute, cuddly baby pictures here. In fact you won’t see them on the internet at all if we can help it, until they are able to decide what they want posted about themselves. You know, like all us old GenX/Millennials got to do when Facebook was invented. If you do know us and our baby, please refrain from mentioning their name or details. I really appreciate it.

So, if I’m not going to gush about my Little Bird, what will I talk about? Well, amazingly, I’m still me despite the massive life shift I’ve undertaken. Me, with a 49 pound weight gain from pregnancy that needs to be managed to the last ounce! This means you should expect a lot of postpartum fitness moaning and groaning.

Yesterday, just over a month postpartum, I went for my first run since December-ish. Yes, I’ve been cleared by my midwife. Yes, I’m taking it easy. No, my plumbing didn’t fall out. Little Bird slept and I hopped on the dreadmill.

25mins were spent as follows:
3mins warm up
7mins at 4.5mph
8mins at 5mph
2mins cool down
5mins of walking at 4mph
1.678 miles covered at 1% incline

dreadmill proof

Today, my legs feel surprisingly good. A little tired but nowhere near as bad as I was expecting. In fact all areas feel pretty good, although my pelvic floor and abdominal wall are definitely not what they used to be.
Hoodieruns is back!

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