dream I had + two runs

I now have an Official Dream Interpreter. here is the first dream dissected via IM conversation:

LH [5:33 PM]:
so… spider dream
LH [5:34 PM]:
I dreamt that I was vacuuming and ME and HE (his sister) were there and there was this huge massive spider and I got all stressed and had to vacuum it up ‘cept I had the thin nozzle attachment on the vacuum and the spider was really really big
LH [5:34 PM]:
and I was afraid it wouldn’t get vacuumed up
LH [5:34 PM]:
and it would crawl down the vacuum tube thingy and on to me
KT [5:35 PM]:
KT [5:35 PM]:
i hate spiders
LH [5:35 PM]:
but ME was like “just do it!” and I did and the spider went “Ka-thunk”
LH [5:35 PM]:
and got sucked up
LH [5:35 PM]:
but I could see all its legs wiggling frantically at the end of the vacuum tube before it got properly sucked up
LH [5:36 PM]:
I wonder what it means…
KT [5:36 PM]:
let’s look it up
LH [5:37 PM]:
KT [5:37 PM]:
maybe you are the spider, and the vaccum is
LH [5:37 PM]:
KT [5:37 PM]:
apparently dreaming about spiders is good luck
KT [5:38 PM]:
Spiders in a dream are a sign of general good luck; to kill one signifies good news. If it was spinning a web, it augurs approaching money; if it was climbing a wall, it’s a harbinger of success in all that concerns you most deeply.
KT [5:38 PM]:
KT [5:38 PM]:
or: Spiders in a dream are a serious danger signal This can mean female intrigues aimed at ensnaring men, and refers to the cold, calculating nature evident in some women.
LH [5:38 PM]:
but what about sucking it up thru a vacuum!!!???
KT [5:40 PM]:
there are no details on this specific dream
LH [5:40 PM]:
LH [5:41 PM]:
the intertubes suck at dream interpretation
KT [5:41 PM]:
maybe the spider is one of your goals, and you being afraid to suck it up is being afraid of failure, and then the sucking it up is you acheiving that goal, and the wiggly legs struggling is the final obstacles you overcome in reaching your goal.
LH [5:41 PM]:
I like you better. I think you’ll be my Official Dream Interpreter from now on.
KT [5:42 PM]:
KT [5:42 PM]:
please bring me dreams on a regular basis
LH [5:42 PM]:
will do.

runs this week…
tuesday –
distance: ~4M
time: ~34mins
pace: ~9:10/M
calories: ~400cal
notes: good run, was listening to tunes so that’s why I was going so fast (for me). did the usual loop outside of the neighbourhood and it was chilly. legs felt good but right hip started to malfunction around 3.5M. has felt ok since then.

wednesday –
distance: 3.5M
time: 35min
pace: 10:00/M
calories: 300
notes: easy run this am w/ HE. love that she keeps me honest and gets my ass out of bed. no leg/foot/hip pain. was warm this am and I was overdressed w/ a fleece on! thanks HE (for the runs and company and hard work!)

other exercise –
tuesday – volleyball, 1hr, with no subs and a player short. but we won!
– 1/2 hr extravaganza walk at lunch w/ TOM, KT, HJ
wednesday – soccer 50mins.

5 thoughts on “dream I had + two runs

  1. Hoodie,

    You are most certainly welcome. I have weird work hours, so @ 2-3 in the morning, you wouldn't believe what kind of new and strange things I come up with to post. As far as my running, it's great. My 1st 5K went well with a 36:20. Could've been better but the hills on the last mile made me creep. lol. I'm logging about 15 miles a week now. Feeling great. Losing weight. Im doing this new diet thing which I plan to post soon, so stay tuned there. Also, changes in my body. lol. Evlolving into the RUnner. lol. Anyways, b4 I turn this into a book, you have a great day. and……………….Keep Running!

    ps I wonder if we started using these word verification words as real words. lol


  2. ha! I'd have to sleep to have dreams! I've been busy travelling over the last few days. Went and visited the US to get some sun and warmth down in Florida. Also maximimzed some shopping opportunities while I was there. Certainly weren't Black Friday deals but were pretty good!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


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