And I’m back up and running! is up and, yep, intentional pun to follow, running!
I’m also getting going again. There’s a new watch in my life. This one to be exact: Garmin Forerunner 310XT.  It has helped to motivate me a bit. I like seeing the numbers and getting that quantifiable feedback.  

There’s also another reason to get going: Surviving the zombie apocalypse – is your workout a fraud?  (thank you Coach Chris at CrossFit Waterloo for the link) basically, cross functional exercise will help cure my baby brain and body. Speaking ‎of body, oI’m 8 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight but the composition and shape of my body is very different. ‎I’ve certainly lost muscle mass and core strength. 

My goal is to get back into running shape, fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes and be a good role model to my Little. Here’s the plan: train to run the Oktoberfest 5km fast, lift heavy things and clean up my eating. The Little doesn’t do so well with me eating dairy, so that is an easy trim from my diet. It’s the eating more veg and less sugar that I really stumble on.

Here’s how the month of July has gone, so far:

‎1 July- 25:29, 2.15 mi, 11:50/mi

2 July – 27:18, 2.51mi, 10:51/mi
20 July – 48:25, 4.28 mi, 11:19/mi
Lifting: 13lbs of baby daily. So basically none. 

Eating: like an idiot. 
Clothing: not even close to fitting.

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