Toad training in earnest

‎Since signing up for the 25km Run For Toad, I’ve been running according to the training plan on the Toad website (here).

I had to start at the end of Week Two so my weekly totals are not what they should have been. This week however, I’m doing much better, completing all the runs so far. I’ve got a 12.5k long run and a 5k left to check off this weekend.  
Sunday, last week, was the longest run I had done in over six months ‎and it wasn’t all fun and games. I felt great until about the 30 minute mark but after that my core and pelvis were sapped. Dark and pouty thoughts filled my head- “I’m so out of shape, this is misery. What if I die out here and my baby doesn’t have a mother? What if there’s an emergency and I’m so out of shape that I can’t get back quickly? God I hate how Mr. Hoodieruns is in so much better shape that me.” Pretty good self talk, isn’t it? After we got back though, I felt much better and didn’t have much in the way of residual soreness. Then the self talk changed over the course of the rest of the day- “I could do this more often. I missed running. Maybe I should sign up for a race.” And so, the Toad seemed like a good idea. 

Fast forward to the runs this week. They’ve only been marginally shorter than that dark run on Sunday, but man, do I have a different head space! ‎ Mr. Hoodieruns ran with me on Tuesday for my 6k run; we left The Little with grandparents for a nap. Last night I did 6k by myself, after The Little went to bed.

Of all the runs, last night’s was the best. It was cool and beautiful at dusk‎. I was alone with my thoughts and they weren’t dark and sour. Instead it was meditative and fun. There were laughs at the fact that the turnaround point was at the bottom of a big hill, and surprise at how much stronger I felt already. There were daydreams about sharing running with The Little when they are bigger and there were furious calculations of what possible completion times might be for my first 25k trail race. ‎

I’m pumped and motivated for the training for this race. Now, if I could bottle up this emotion for the middle of the training to keep me going…‎

Thursday 24 July

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