Four weeks of recovery completed


The infant sling for our running/biking stroller, the Thule Chariot Cheetah 2, arrived from MEC this week. While we can’t take the smallest little out biking for a while, the interwebs say it’s OK to do strolling and jogging. We did a test walk with both littles and we are ready to start a run/walk program.

I am four weeks post-partum, as of tomorrow and I really do feel great. I was very fortunate to have an uncomplicated delivery and the resulting recovery has been smooth. Hopefully, I will be given the green light to start more activity than just walking on Monday.

Since my last post, I have done a bit of light running, chasing the big little, and that’s been OK. My core feels heavy and a bit unstable but I am hoping that will improve with some time and effort. I also did the Cal Poly Hip Flow two days ago and my hip flexors and psoas are angry about being used… This flow is a great full body warm up that I am going to use on the regular!

Up next on the to-do list is attempting a bike ride!

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