Relax your damn shoulders.

Take a deep breath, you are running too fast.

Shit, I am so slow.

My feet hurt.

Hey! 10,000 steps vibrations!

Training is going to be so hard.

I can’t wait for training to start.

Are my kids OK?

Am I bad/selfish parent?

Ugh, I need to lose this baby weight.

Time to check my Garmin/Endomondo/watch/Fitbit. Huh, not as long/far as I thought.

I want to write a novel.

When do I have time to write a novel?

I really should just get up and run first thing in the morning. Just make that a habit, m’kay?

Oh God, what if my sister is so much faster than me and doesn’t want to run together for The Bad Thing?!

What kind of flower was that?


I wish getting out for a run wasn’t such a production.

Does bootcamp count as a run?

Am I close to done yet?

This is hard.

I feel so good.

Man, I love running.

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