The Night Before The Bad Thing

I’m sitting in the hallway of my parents’ home, waiting on a routine disrupted, over-tired toddler to succumb to the Sandman. A toddler that is very stubborn. She comes by this trait honestly, as any of you who know me can attest. While she fights sleep, my head is racing with scenarios for tomorrow’s run. Since I think I’ll be sitting here awhile, I might as well put some of these thoughts on the Internet so you can all see my crazy.

Goals for tomorrow:

  1. Finish.
  2. Don’t break anything.
  3. Win. Bahahaha, just kidding!

What I’m worried about:

  1. Finishing. I am very undertrained for this race. My longest run wasn’t even half the 25km distance and it was nearly six weeks ago. I think. Maybe longer. I DON’T EVEN REMEMBER.
  2. Breaking something. Not in an abrupt, catastrophic way but more in the shitty, “Oops, I rolled my ankle in the first 10km… Meh, it seems fine… I’ll just keep running. [Three weeks after the race]… Fuck, it is stress fractured,” kind of way. You know, like I did two years ago during Run For The Toad.
  3. For doing so shitty that I embarrass and slow down my sister, The Hoodlet. Hi Hoodlet! Thanks for doing this with me!
  4. Having to fight off a beat. BEAR! I meant bear.
  5. Having to fight off a cougar.
  6. Getting lost.
  7. Seeing the Labcoat Guy. Watch Into the Dark (four episodes).
  8. My kids being tyrants while I’m away.
  9. Cracking my phone screen.
  10. Having to poop in the woods.

    That is just a top ten of my crazy. You’re welcome. 

    Note to self: pack toilet paper.

    Race report to follow.

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