A quick update

On the reading front, I’ve started a couple books but haven’t really buckled down into either of them. This week has been insane (more to come on that in a few days) and The Magpie has been sick with a fever the last two days. It all comes to a no reading time conclusion. I have some extended ‘passenger in car’ time approaching so I should get caught up again soon.

In fitness land, I’m continuing with the Winter session of BABEies Boot camp at Limitless Performance. Of course everything is still modified because of this frustrating diastasis recti. I’m down to a 1.5-2cm gap at my navel but the fascia is tightening so it’s slowly improving. Three days a week of HIIT. It’s kicking my ass. In fact, I’m sure to post some transformation pictures…

Also coming up in fitness land is a 10K trail run in May. Better get running!!

My Whole30 is going well. Pants are fitting better and I’m eating lots of vegetables. Cooking lots of new recipes too. It’s really made my skin bright I think, despite my sleep deprivation:

Seriously a nap sounds so good right now.

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