Reading Prompt #51: A book about a difficult topic


Historical fiction, especially when it’s WWII related, is my soft spot. I really enjoy it and this book delivered. A young woman in Occupied Poland is forced to make choices to help her loved ones and she becomes part of the Resistance. As she tries to navigate her morality, religion and dedication to her cause, she becomes involved with a high-ranking Nazi official.

The brief descriptions of the Warsaw Ghetto, Emma/Anna’s reaction the true nature of Auschwitz and Bergen, and the daily fear of the Gestapo make this a gut wrenching read. My stomach was tight with nerves for this character for nearly the whole book, especially as Emma/Anna’s blinders come off and she starts to learn of the horrors around her.

This book is still a romance, even under the heavy weight of WWII. Don’t let my description above fool you. It was gripping and I liked. Easily my favourite book so far this year.

Number of books completed: 3 of 52.

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